Weeknight Cooking

Amanda's Kids' Lunch

April 26, 2012

It looks like both Amanda and Merrill are fans of lemon vinaigrette these days (A for her kids and M for weeknight meals with her husband -- Clara's still too small for such things). Here, Amanda explains how she actually prefers salads to sandwiches for Walker's and Addie's lunch:

"I'm trying to make my kids more all-in-one salads like this tuna couscous salad. They're easy for my kids to eat -- actually easier than a sandwich -- and you can pile in lots of good flavors. Here, I blended oil-packed tuna, Israeli couscous, haricots verts, olives, capers, sliced baby garlic, and a lemon vinaigrette. Then for some crunch, I packed a few carrot sticks. And for a treat, a slice of City Bakery's mammoth chocolate chip cookies."

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susan G. April 30, 2012
Starting in preschool, my daughter wouldn't eat sandwiches in a packed lunch. Just think, she complained that they got soggy, a snob at a young age. As I discovered what she would eat (a yogurt, peanuts in the shell, a packet of seasoned nori, maybe even some carrot sticks), the lunch no longer looked like anything else in the classroom. The 3rd grade teacher 'reported' me, and sent the school counselor out to talk to me! Well, the workplace was the health food store we owned, the counselor was embarrassed, and willing to listen to me explain how good nutrition doesn't have to be a sandwich.
Shalini April 26, 2012
Yum. This looks great. I too have used Merrill's dressing on a few things this week, including a main-course salad of potatoes, asparagus, boiled eggs, and cucumbers. I like the slice of cookie added in too. Nice square dishes. I also find the see-through container does wonders for my son eating his lunch (it works best).
healthierkitchen April 26, 2012
Yum! My daughter, now in h.s, has always preferred salads and dinner leftovers in her lunch. When desperate, she will take a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich, though. Btw, Nozlee, nice photo in today's Times!!
Nozlee S. April 26, 2012
Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do.