Our New Recipe Contest Schedule

May 25, 2012


We're shaking things up around here -- now you'll have more of a say than ever in finding the best recipes on FOOD52.

Ever since our contests started three years ago, FOOD52's editorial team has read, tested, and announced finalists for you all to vote on. Then we dreamed up Community Picks -- the honorable mentions of every contest that you all help us test.

But we think it would work better the other way around. Starting this week, we want you to be involved in elevating finalists from the start. So we're trying something new: you'll test the Community Picks first, then we'll try out your favorites to find our top two. You'll still have the final say, by voting for the winner.

A few other shiny new improvements:
-- Testers will stay anonymous until the Community Picks are awarded -- we want to make sure you're comfortable giving an honest review
-- We want more of the community to get involved -- up to 3 testers per recipe, after that you'll be waitlisted.
-- We'll choose the best written review (under 100 words) to add to the recipe's headnote -- so make it count!

Bear with us -- this is a pilot project and there are sure to be bumps, and maybe rejiggerings, along the way. Thank you for playing along with us to make our contests better.

If you haven't participated in our recipe contests before, you can read more about them here.

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The New Schedule (with sample dates for Your Best Radishes & Turnips)
-- Friday (5/25): We announce the list of candidates (see below) -- let the dibs calling begin!
-- Wednesday at 5pm (5/30): Your testing notes are due to [email protected]
-- Over the weekend: We test the ones you all liked best
-- Thursday 12pm (6/7): We announce the two finalists & all the winning Community Picks, with as many of our pretty photos as possible
-- Till Wednesday at 12pm (6/13): You vote, then we crown the winner!


Community-Tested Pick Candidates (go call dibs in the anonymous form below!) 

Radish-Carrot Date Nut Bread
Quick Radish Relish 
Triple Radish Yum -- Up for grabs!
Roasted Radishes with Almond Salsa Verde
Caccio e Pepe Pizza with Roasted Radishes
Tarator…The Radish Version 
Turnip Risotto
Radish Mint Relish Delish 
Spring Radish Salad with Chervil and Pepitas -- Up for grabs!
Spring Pesto with Roasted Radish, Mint and Preserved Lemon 
Roasted Root Vegetables with Soy Caramel and Crisped Rice
Radish Cippolini Roast 
Crunchy Celery, Radishes and Turnips Salad-Slaw in Blue Cheese Sauce 
Radish Top Aioli
Turnip Carrot Slaw 
Roasted Spring Root Vegetables with Horseradish-Thyme Butter 
Radish Couscous 
Creamy Spring Turnip Soup With Wilted Radish Greens And Bacon
Radish, Mascarpone, Honey, Salt
Buckwheat Tabbouleu with Roasted Young Turnips and Crunchy Radishes
Muli Ja Muthia - Radish Dumplings 

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    Marisa Raponi
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nycnomad November 28, 2015
I have a question about the winners. Previously there was a prize of OXO kitchen tools or other items provided by a sponsor. Is this still the case?
Gleaner November 7, 2015
I've been a Food52er for quite a while and I have always wondered about the origin of the Community Picks. Today, after reading the contest rules I understand where they come from but wonder why there are so many CPs without comments, where are the original three anonymous reviews? It is also strange to me that the winning recipe is frequently determined by the wider community to have recipe flaws. Th one pot dish is a recent example. I would think the testers would have discovered some of the issues, usually due to hasty recipe writing. Why not add useful information to the recipe [] so that the community doesn't have to wade through the comments to discover the problems. And to all the people who vote, do you make the dish and then vote or is it the list of ingredients that you are favoring, the title?
How about offering two comment fields: one for recipe readers and people who like to say congrats, thanks, yum and one for those who actually make the dish and have valuable comments?
One more thing, why have none of the questions, below, from 2 and 3 years ago been answered? Where are the editors?
Marisa R. April 25, 2013
I'm new here, but I'd like to know how you determine who or how you come up with the list of candidates?
mrslarkin May 31, 2012
how do you determine the ones we all liked best? Is it strictly from the recipe testers' notes, or do the comments have any influence? Many folks who have tried the recipes leave comments, but aren't necessarily official recipe testers.
hardlikearmour May 31, 2012
What happens if a recipe was already chosen for CP in a different contest? Will it potentially be thrown in the mix for re-testing? Will it still be considered for finalist?
meganvt01 May 29, 2012
Will this new schedule/approach affect the frequency of contests? Since now it appears a whole contest will take three weeks from start to finish. Will there be a new contest announced this week?
hardlikearmour May 27, 2012
Definitely an interesting change, and I look forward to seeing how it works out. My weekend is/was also quite hectic, but if any recipes are still left later I'll step up. We just had a huge party yesterday (my friend's annual crawfish party) so I spent a ton of time making desserts (including a showpiece alligator cake) this past week. Today is clean up. I should be sufficiently recovered by Monday or Tuesday!
EmilyC May 27, 2012
Wow...that's one amazing and impressive alligator cake in you profile pic!
hardlikearmour May 28, 2012
Thanks! It was a collaborative effort between myself, my brother, and my husband.
susan G. May 26, 2012
Can we get an update on what is still available?
gourmettenyc May 27, 2012
The recipes that are still available have been updated in the post. Look for "Up for grabs!"
deanna1001 May 26, 2012
I like the idea but am not loving the reality. I liked being able to see which recipes were still available...frankly, I don't have the time or patience to keep shooting in the dark to test. I tried for one on the day you published and got an email a while later letting me know that it was already taken...perhaps you can find some way to indicate on the list which ones are already spoken for. I do like the anonymous aspect, and think you might consider publishing all three reviews. That way we can see how the recipe fared in 3 environments. Also - by selecting the one you think is best written we may miss some valuable comments from testers for whom English is not a first language. I do not like that competitive aspect of this new system.

I'll wait to see how it all works out, but for now will take a back seat.
BoulderFoodie May 27, 2012
Great points!
Bevi June 6, 2012
I also wonder how our community cooks whose native language is not English will fare in terms of writing a "best written review". I guess I am asking what constitutes a best written review.
ATG117 May 25, 2012
I like that the testers comments will be anonymous, because I agree with greenstuff that there seemed to be pressure to write only glowing reviews.
ATG117 May 25, 2012
I like that the testers comments will be anonymous, because I agree with greenstuff that there seemed to be pressure to write only glowing reviews.
ATG117 May 25, 2012
I like that the testers comments will be anonymous, because I agree with greenstuff that there seemed to be pressure to write only glowing reviews.
fiveandspice May 25, 2012
Wow! Neat new approach. It will be so interesting to see how it goes! My weekend is beyond crazy with guests so I have to opt out, but I'll look forward to the next contest.
susan G. May 25, 2012
Thank you for posting the schedule so specifically! That has been hard to find.
Now to all those great choices...
Greenstuff May 25, 2012
VERY good move. Applause! The feeding frenzy of the calling dibs and the (unintentioned) pressure to write great reviews made me just a little uncomfortable. And I love that you take us all along on your experiments. More applause!
Pmudpies May 25, 2012
I love this idea. I love radishes. I hope I get to review one!
Love the new format! Not a big radish and turnip fan so I will wait until next week, but it sounds like fun!
BoulderFoodie May 25, 2012
I love it! I'm tired of seeing the same people win despite all the great entries. This will elevate new names.
EmilyC May 25, 2012
What a fun way to shake things up a little!
Ms. T. May 25, 2012
I think the new system sounds great! Sorry I can't test this week but will definitely look for another chance to do so.