Food Lovers in Paris

May 30, 2012

Patricia Wells (you may recognize her Genius Zucchini Carpaccio) has long been our go-to source for the best restaurant recommendations in Paris. Her guide, Food Lover's Guide to Paris, is practically a classic. Now, Wells has revamped her guide for a modern age: the Food Lover's Guide is now available as an iPhone app!

We took the app for a spin and fell in love. You immediately see Wells' depth of knowledge with the sheer density of points on the map (and bonus, you can always see your own location thanks to the iPhone's GPS):

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Planning out your day is easy with the helpful search categories -- feel like countering a rainy Parisian day with the quintessential comfort meal of French onion soup? Wells has you covered with the section indexing restaurant "specialties":

And you'll never confuse pâte ("pastry or dough"), pâté ("minced meat that is molded, spiced, baked, and served hot or cold"), and pâtes ("pasta") again with the app's handy glossary. (Or inadvertently order cheval, "horse"!)

Convenient iPhone-compatible features aside, it's Wells' deep knowledge of the Paris food scene that make this app worth its weight in guidebooks. Her reviews of individual restaurants are exhaustive and personal, and she comes off feeling like a helpful friend. We also love the extremely helpful buttons and tags attached to each review -- you can call the establishment, find directions, read the menu, and find other places like it at the tap of a button:

Are you headed to Paris anytime soon? Have a perfect baguette on us, please, and download Patricia Wells' Food Lovers' Guide to Paris app here!

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Kringler May 30, 2012
I just downloaded the free sample. If I were in Paris, I would definitely get the $4.99 version.
aargersi May 30, 2012
Damn - we just got BACK and we could have used this! Next time ....