Too Many Cooks: Fresh Eggs and Snacks

June  1, 2012

"A wedding dress made of spoons at Fishs Eddy near our office. Armor for your amour."
- Amanda

"I helped make bread with Berber girls in a village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and this root is where saffron comes from!"
- Brette

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"I can't shut up about the salt-baked soft shell crab at Great NY Noodletown on Bowery in Chinatown, and finally last night I went back and re-ordered the dish for just myself -- no sharing! The crabs are baked in salt and then fried with an impossibly light and crispy batter, and I could probably eat them until I burst."
- Nozlee

"Who says you can't get fresh eggs in the city? These chickens live in Brooklyn, NY and provide me with regular fresh eggs. (They're not mine but I'm in good with the family that owns them.)"
- Peter S.

"A tomato grows in Manhattan."
- Christina

"Lazy breakfast at the office."
- Kristy

"Stir fry on the roof on a pitch-perfect friday night, and an afternoon snack after a visit to Bien Cuit. (The Rye Ficelle disappeared too fast to photograph.)"
- Kenzi

"This weekend, I made Suzanne Goin's Roman Cherry Tart from Sunday Suppers at Lucques. I'll definitely be making it again!"
- Laura

"I had dinner with my friend Dawne at a place called Yours Truly. She scored us an awesome free dinner because she is the mayor there on foursquare. It was the best. The chef kept bringing us new delicious things. My favorite was the poached egg with potato on top. Plus delicious cocktails. The photos stink, but the dinner really was delicious."
- Stephanie

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