Dinner Tonight: Eric Ripert Comes to Dinner

June  4, 2012

Inspiration for tonight's dinner: Eric Ripert comes to dinner! Well, sort of. More like a really pretty composed salad of silky avocados and caramelized carrots followed by a perfectly cooked piece of fish (it's all about what fish you buy -- this is a moment to really buy the very best!). It comes together with little time or effort, and it is one graceful weeknight dinner

You may not actually be at Le Bernardin (or ABC Kitchen, the inspiration for the salad), but it's possible that the loveliness of this meal will make you feel that you are. If this is the case, and you find yourself popping a bottle of Champagne on a weeknight, well what can I say? My work here is done. 

The Menu

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Carrot Avocado Salad by merrill

Le Bernardin's Crispy Skinned Fish by Genius Recipes

The Grocery List (for 4)

Four 6-ounce fish filets (for example salmon or stiped bass)
Wondra flour
2 pounds carrots
Fresh thyme
1 orange
1 avocado
2 cups sprouts or mixed greens of some kind
4 tablespoons creme fraiche
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
2 tablespoons sunflower seeds

We assume you have pepper, salt, olive oil, lemons, red wine vinegar, pepper flakes, cumin and sugar. If not, you will need that all of that too, so stock up! They're all pretty handy to have around. 

The Plan

1. Begin by dealing with the carrots, which simply need a little peeling and roasting. This is by far the most busy-work moment of preparing the meal, so get it out of the way first! Mix up the dressing and set it aside. Relax for 20 minutes or so while the carrots cool.

2. After the carrots are out of the oven, (bait and) tackle the fish! Just sprinkle with Wondra, salt, and pepper, then sear, flip, and slide in the oven. You can use the fact that your oven is already on and hot from roasting the carrots to help with this.

3. Assemble the salads. Plate prettily, and enjoy! An Eric-Ripert-worthy meal on the table in under an hour (and for less than $14 gazillion!).


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Miranda Rake

Written by: Miranda Rake

Miranda is a writer and editor in Portland, OR. She has a sweet, curious toddler, and is passionate about all of the usual things like farmers markets, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and swimming in the sea. She hates leaf blowers and writing in the third person. Until recently, she owned and operated a small jam company, as is typical for a Portland-based millennial like herself.


carolw65 June 26, 2012
what's the recipe for the dressing on this salad and the zuccaghetti ?
thanks... looks delicious X
blanka.n June 4, 2012
Having gotten over the fact that Mr. Rippert was most unwelcoming at his restaurant on my birthday two years ago - long story - I still love Bernardin and hope to celebrate more special occasions there.
In fact one of my most memorable food moments was at his restaurant in the late 80s.
Having said all that, I really loved this menu. Simple, elegant and now I'm craving dessert!
Kristy M. June 4, 2012
This is such a lovely meal, Miranda! Thanks!!