Father's Day

7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

June  8, 2012

Father's day is fast-approaching. Finding it tough to find a gift for dear old dad? Not to worry! We've got 7 gift ideas for you -- some he'll actually use, and some he'll certainly be amused by. If you've got any other gift ideas, let us know in the comments! 

POP's Kit

Kaufmann Mercantile made this POP's Kit specifically for Father's Day. Just add a cold beverage and you've got everything you need for a game night with dad -- whether you're playing poker, gin rummy, or go fish. 

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Bird Book

Everyone needs a little bedside reading. This charming book is a great tribute to all flying feathered creatures that anyone can enjoy, even if your dad isn't the outdoors-y type.

Bird Call

And what goes better with a book on birds than an Audubon Bird Call? Well, nothing. 

Malin and Goetz Soap

How about a little bit of boozy grooming? This rum-scented soap is masculine, but not in an Old Spice way. Think more along the lines of Hemingway and his beloved mojito. 

Lemon Peel Baseball

Time to dust off old baseball gloves and gear up for a game of catch. This Lemon Peel Baseball is nostalgic, handsome, and guarantees some fun.

Sling Shot

Speaking of nostalgia, who won't have fun with an Old Time Slingshot? The retailer very wisely suggests adult female supervision when these are in use. 

Knuckle Meat Pounder

Let your dad feel like a tough guy in the kitchen. This Knuckle Meat Pounder is not only fun (and funny), it's useful! 


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jnero June 11, 2012
Thanks so much! The sling shot is a brillant idea, just ordered one for my dad!
Author Comment
Kristy M. June 11, 2012
So happy you liked it!
Cuocopazzo June 10, 2012
Umm, who uses bar soap anymore? I think my mom would banish me if I gave most of these gifts (except, perhaps, for the bird book) to my dad. Pistachios - too salty; bird call - too noisy; slingshot - too dangerous; etc., etc. I'll do what I do every year and that is to give my dad a gift certificate to Fairway and let him shop his heart out!
Amanda H. June 10, 2012
We love bar soap! And danger, I guess!
RoastedBeet June 9, 2012
Last year I gave my husband a digital thermometer for the grill.
pierino June 9, 2012
That meat pounder looks like it could also be used for home defense.