Editors' Picks -- Week 29

January  7, 2010


JoyManning January 8, 2010
Ditto, Lastnightsdin. Thanks for the shout out and what a tasty buffet of ideas.
Lizthechef January 7, 2010
This is such fun that I am already counting down our remaining weeks and wondering what I will do after food 52 finishes. Meanwhile, if this isn't too forward a question, how on earth do you afford the food and supplies to test all these recipes?
Amanda H. January 7, 2010
Book advance and loans -- bootstrapping. We appreciate your support and involvement in the site.
EmilyNunn January 7, 2010
Wow. What an interesting and lovely sounding array. Go food52!
lastnightsdinner January 7, 2010
Thanks, ladies! I'm in great company! :)