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Amanda's Kids' Lunch Gets Freekeh

June 14, 2012

Today's lunch is straight from the FOOD52 Shop: a freekeh salad with celery, lemon zest, parsley, and young garlic. It's topped with German ham, with Vermont Butter and Cheese Company Camembert and Greek yogurt on the side. A smorgasboard of cultures all in two lunchboxes!

Freekeh is great for kids because it's a starch that not only keeps you fuller, longer, it has nutritional benefits that get lost in other forms of wheat. Let’s put it this way: if Oliver Twist’s porridge had been made of freekeh, he wouldn’t have needed to ask for more. (Walker and Addie like it, too.)

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CupcakesandKale February 1, 2013
I sure wish there was a recipe for the freekeh salad!
saragrad June 14, 2012
Do the twins get the same lunch everyday? It's amazing how they like/dislike the same foods.