New Year's Resolution Dish Video

January  8, 2010

Merrill reveals her practical "tips" for camping while we whip up salmon and quinoa -- the two finalist recipes in Your Best New Year's Resolution Dish contest.


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WinnieAb January 9, 2010
Love the camping tips...both recipes look simple, healthy and delicious!
Amanda H. January 11, 2010
They are!
pierino January 9, 2010
Is it true that Lewis and Clark discovered quinoa around the same time they discovered the Columbia River? Or maybe it was Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin when they discovered Bolivia. One of my friends makes wilderness hikes and adopted my suggestion to pack quinoa and bouillon cubes. He's crazy for quinoa now.
Amanda H. January 11, 2010
I think you and Merrill would make excellent camping partners.
Jocelyn G. January 8, 2010
This video might actually have gotten me over my total disinterest in camping, but only if I can go with you gals!
Amanda H. January 11, 2010
Well, Merrill maybe. I've actually never been camping!