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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

June 21, 2012

Rebranding "leftovers" as a fun way to combine meals afresh is the theme of Walker's and Addie's lunches today. Here's Amanda on what they're having:

Kids like leftovers, too! And they like dishes that allow them to browse around and select what they want. We had a dinner party, so I sent our kids to school with Luciana's Porchetta, pickled onions, garlic-rubbed crostini, and baby mustard greens (from the CSA I just joined) dressed with leftover vinaigrette. For dessert: Crème brûlée! But I just called it pudding.

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Tatiana June 21, 2012
Love seeing these lunches. I also love the ceramic and glass containers. Do they come with tight fitting lids? Could you tell us where to source containers like these? Would like to find some reusable non-plastic containers for lunches. Thanks! And happy eating.
Stephanie G. June 21, 2012
That looks like a good lunch
ChefJune June 21, 2012
I'll bet all the kids in the class want to swap lunches with Walker and Addie.
Mamak June 21, 2012
My oh my, what lucky kids.