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Just Because: Charlie Eats, Is Adorable

August  3, 2012

The last time we saw Charlie, he was making some pretty forward advances at Merrill's little girl, Clara. (Don't worry, they're still friends.) Today, we get a very special look at Charlie as he gobbles down a meal. On the menu? Kale and sweet potatoes from Lucky Dog Organics in the Catskills, a favorite of Charlie's dad Peter.

Orange foods (sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe) are a big hit with Charlie. Then why dress him in white onesies, we asked? "They're specifically to make these early meals so photogenic," Peter told us, and we can't help but agree. Enjoy the above photo of Charlie with his mom Sarah -- soon he won't look so clean!

Charlie gets a kiss from his mom before being presented with his meal.

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Between the spoon-grabbing and the foot-grabbing, it's not long before Charlie is green-spotted all over.

Although it looks like Sarah enjoys kale as well!

Onward to sweet potatoes: the spoon grab is yet again a popular move.

You can't have enough messy baby photos.

That is one happy baby.

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foodieinthemaking August 6, 2012
This is kid is soooo adorable!!! How old is he? I can't believe he polished off all that food! Mine just started eating and eats maybe 3-4 ounces of food at a meal. And Peter, that is so sweet what you said about your wife. I'm sure you made her day. You're a good man.
Peter August 6, 2012
FoodInTheMaking, thanks for saying how cute Charlie is, though I have to give most the credit to my wife, Sarah.

In answer to your question, he'll be 7 months old on Friday but these photos were taken when he was a week or so past 6 months old. We started him in on "solids" right after he turned 6 months (though he was desperately grabbing at everything we put in *our* mouths for the 2 months prior) and he took to it like a champ.

As far as how much he eats, the bowl must look deceptively large in that photo -- it only holds 2 ounces, which he frequently polishes off, but not always (kale is not his favorite). Then again, we feed him 2 ounces 3x a day now so he's getting a good bit of food.

Tonight? Red peppers mixed with white potato!
mcs3000 August 5, 2012
Go, Charlie - love this.
Kitchen B. August 5, 2012
Aah I remember these photos.....Charlie is great in an white- turned orange onesie. And for the first time I'm asking myself the question that y'all so humbly put forward? Why wear white? Even adults (like me0 manage to get tea and coffee spills on our white clothes within minutes of donning them. Cute Charlie
boulangere August 4, 2012
Rib eye as finger food perhaps?
susan G. August 3, 2012
Where's the LIKE button? I like everything here!
aargersi August 3, 2012
Oh for heaven's sake. Could he BE any cuter? Sarah's gorgeous - Peter's a lucky guy!!!
Peter August 3, 2012
Not that there's a scientific measure of cuteness, and of course I'm *extremely* biased, but yeah... he's cute beyond words. And extremely easy in every other way -- he's eventually going to trick us into having another baby. Who, by the law of averages, will undoubtedly be a monster.

Oh, and yeah, my wife is a total fox. And a physician. And a PhD. With a couple of master's degrees to boot. And she's a great cook. That's right, I *totally* won the lottery.
mrslarkin August 3, 2012
Yay Charlie!