The Gold Medal Kitchen Hack

August 10, 2012

We've been hosting our own Summer Food Fights on FOOD52 -- come play along!

Last week, in honor of the Summer Food Fights we asked you to send in Your Best Kitchen Hack -- and we promised you some glorious, drool-worthy prizes.

Wednesday, we presented our bronze medal to hardlikearmour for her photo tutorial on hacking a cold smoker. Yesterday, we brought you the silver medalist: Parties That Cook, with a quick workaround for mincing ginger.

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Today, for the gold medal, we've got vvvanessa with her small kitchen kitchen hack: how to get more counter space out of an ironing board.

Congrats to vvvanessa -- here's your medal!

      silver le creuset

 7 1/4 qt. round French oven from Le Creuset

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travelingthispath August 12, 2012
Thanks for Vanessa's idea! I live in an apartment with zero counter space, so this is a great idea!
lloreen August 12, 2012
I cannot find the link for the video....
Kristen M. August 12, 2012
Hi lloreen -- it's embedded in the post above, but if that's not working, you can also watch it here:
shef August 11, 2012
Congrats on winning the Gold !
vrunka August 11, 2012
Congrats!! You can put your awesome new French oven on your ironing board!
ellenl August 11, 2012
What a genius idea---one of those things that make so much sense that nobody thinks of it!!!
lapadia August 10, 2012
YAY Vanessa, thanks for sharing your idea and congrats on winning the Gold! Oh, and what a film star you would make :)
vvvanessa August 10, 2012
Whee! Thanks so much, everyone and food52-- and a special shout out to my cinematographer who will be rewarded with lots of braised pork made in the French oven! I'm honored!
ATG117 August 10, 2012
Great idea! Are we able to see all the entered kitchen hacks anywhere?
fiveandspice August 10, 2012
That's such a great idea! I'm sure we'd all learn a lot.
gingerroot August 10, 2012
Congratulations on winning gold! What a smart and useful hack. PS, After watching the video I saw your salad spinner without a spinner hack - fun and brilliant!
Greenstuff August 10, 2012
Very fun, vvvanesa. Guess we know where you're going to put that super golden French oven.
Sadassa_Ulna August 10, 2012
Great hack, congratulations on winning gold!
Foodinese August 10, 2012
I didn't win. But congrats to those who did! This was my entry for those who are interested. I turned my refridgerator ice dispenser into a candy machine :
Sadassa_Ulna August 10, 2012
Lucky girlfriend! This is not only a really sweet hack (pun intended) but the video itself is adorable.
Greenstuff August 10, 2012
That is super, Foodinese! I don't have an ice dispenser, but I'm sharing this with friends!
enbe August 10, 2012
Pretty darn brilliant. Congrats!
Summer O. August 10, 2012
Congratulations! I will certainly use this.
NBrush August 10, 2012
Congratulations on your excellent idea.
fiveandspice August 10, 2012
Awesome idea. Simple, elegant, useful, and thus brilliant! :)
Christina @. August 10, 2012
genius! :)
beyondcelery August 10, 2012
Grats, Vanessa! That's absolutely a brilliant idea!
hardlikearmour August 10, 2012
What a great idea! Congratulations!!!
aargersi August 10, 2012
That solves the Christmas baking Problem! Thanks! And congratulations!!!!