Dinner Tonight: Roasted Carrot Soup + Pork Chop

October  8, 2012

Inspiration for tonight's dinner? Starting the week on a high note with a dinner hearty enough to keep you going strong all week. How about a real supper, one that would please even the most 1950s June Cleaver-esque homemaker? Smoky paprika brings flavor and a little heat to a nice big pork chop, and a toasty, roasted carrot soup rounds out the meal with its tummy-warming, savory sweetness. Positively simple and ready in a flash, as always. 

The Menu

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Roasted Carrot Soup by Reeve

Paprika Pork Chop by lkshanken

The Grocery List

Serves 4

6 to 8 large carrots
6 cups vegetable (or some other) stock

1 piece ginger, 1 inch long
1 sprig thyme, plus more for garnish
4 bone-in center cut pork chops, each about 1 inch think
1 red onion

We know you're all quite the savvy home cooks and surely have a yellow onion, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, sweet or hot paprika, dried oregano, white wine, and extra virgin olive oil. Right? If not, you'll need all of that, too, but we promise it'll be worth the (small) investment. Those spices really come in handy (and the wine doesn't hurt, either).

The Plan

1. Begin with the carrots. Peel, slice, pop in the oven to roast. Set the stock on the stove to simmer. 

2. Spice the pork chop, and set it aside to rest. 

3. Brown some onion in a stock pot and add the carrots and stock. Let simmer for 5 to 10 minutes, until the carrots are soft.

4. Saute more onions! When they're soft and translucent, splash in some wine, then shove them to the side and cook the pork in the same pan. Set it aside to rest for about 5 minutes after it's cooked.

5. Puree soup. Plate pork. Present proudly! Dinner is served. 


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