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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

October 11, 2012

It's a cross between summer and Meatless Monday in the twins' lunchboxes today -- although those apples are an omen of fall! We'll let Amanda explain:

There were still peppers and corn in the market so I decided it was time for a stew of them. That was the main course, just glistening sweet pepper stew. On the side, yogurt, and an apple. I figured they could get meat or fish at dinner.

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mrslarkin October 11, 2012
How about this as a new food52 feature: Extreme Makeover - Lunch Edition. I'm afraid to tell you what my 13 y.o. son's bagged lunch has been since kindergarten.
Amanda H. October 11, 2012
Oh, do tell!
mrslarkin October 11, 2012
James eats a Nutella sandwich almost every day. On whole wheat bread. There are worse things, no?
TXExpatInBKK October 11, 2012
Definitely. Besides, according to an article Food52 just posted, chocolate is the food of choice for Nobel Laureates! :-)