Introducing the Food52 Thanksgiving Menu Tool

November  6, 2012

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we want you to have all the tools you need to pull off a delicious, stress-free feast. The tech wizards at Food52 have developed a nifty new tool to help you save your Thanksgiving recipes, build your menu, and then share it all on Food52 and Twitter.


Each recipe page on the site now features a convenient "Add To My Menu" button like the one above.

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Your cook's profile page shows a "Thanksgiving Menu" tab in the left-hand navigation bar. Clicking this tab will bring you to your menu (see below), which you can review, edit, and tweet. Before you add any recipes to your menu, you'll see five popular Thanksgiving recipes; you can add them, or disregard the list and create your own!


Browse all of our great Thanksgiving recipes here, and be sure to add your favorite recipes to the site so that other community members can add them to their own menus and tables. Don't forget to share your finished menu with your friends and Twitter followers! We hope that this tool will help the Food52 community collaborate, connect, and cook this Thanksgiving.


Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving
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Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving

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    Shannon's Mom
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Shannon's M. November 10, 2012
I was also unable to access. It told me my password was wrong, so I changed my password, but still can't access it.
Michael H. November 13, 2012
Thanks for pointing out the problem with the Thanksgiving recipes link. It's fixed in the post now, and here it is:
Lisarsrn November 10, 2012
I am unable to access the Thanksgiving recipes. It tells me it is a "restricted" area and my login/password don' twork. Please help
Michael H. November 13, 2012
Thanks foro pointing out the problem with that link. It's fixed now!
jenniebgood November 8, 2012
Great tool- I love to see what others are cooking up!
ABarry November 7, 2012
Really neat feature - very handy!
AntoniaJames November 7, 2012
Love this! Have had a lively discussion with my son (at college, but coming home for T-Day) about menu options, and have tinkered with my menu accordingly. This tool makes it so easy to see everything at once. Thank you! ;o)
mrslarkin November 7, 2012
Love it! I've been using it all week. Thank you, programmers!
ATG117 November 7, 2012
fantastic feature!