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Test Kitchen Top 3: DIY Days

November 14, 2012

From candy to cheese, the Food52 loves a good DIY project. This week, our team got crafty in the test kitchen with some homemade goodies and kitchen hacks. What can we say? We love making -- and growing! -- anything we can. See a few of our creations below, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @Food52 for more.


1. Gussied up garnishes: Kristy, a passionate DIY-er (have you seen her mozzarella tutorial?) brought us the most adorable, delicious maraschino cherries made from this recipe. Shirley Temple, anyone?

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2. A homemade mop: the test kitchen needs a new mop. Badly. In the meantime, Kenzi and Gheanna fashioned a fully functional mop out of a Swiffer, tea towels, and butcher's twine. Crafty.


3. Home grown mushrooms: Amanda and the twins have been growing mushrooms at home. After they harvested the fungi together, Amanda prepared a delicious appetizer of pan-fried oyster mushrooms. Farm to table, you say? Try living room to table.

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull