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November 27, 2012

The Piglet Cookbook Tournament is fast approaching, and this year, we're shaking things up a bit. Inspired both by suggestions from the Food52 community and by the amazing lot of cookbooks out this year, we will be featuring a Community Pick on each day of the Piglet. And since you're the community, we'll need your help in reviewing some of this year's most-loved cookbooks.

Want to get involved? Call dibs on your favorite in the comment section below (up to 5 testers per book, please), and the rest is simple: order your book, test out a few recipes, maybe cook a meal or two, and send us your reviews by January 30th. Reviews should be under 500 words and explain what you liked about the book, why the recipes worked (or didn't), and what sets the cookbook apart from others. Most importantly, make it a great read. Just like we do for our contests, we'll pick the best community review for each book and feature it on the site. Now get cooking -- and be sure to tell us all about it! 

Modernist Cuisine at Home by Nathan Myhrvold & Maxime Bilet

Shop the Story


Joy the Baker Cookbook:100 Simple and Comforting Recipes by Joy Wilson

Joy Baker

Cook Fight: 2 Cooks, 12 Challenges, 125 Recipes, an Epic Battle for Kitchen Dominance by Julia Moskin & Kim Severson  

Cook Fight

Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish by Jesse Griffiths


Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza by Ken Forkish

Flour Water Salt Yeast

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, and Drinking, with Recipes by James Freeman, Caitlin Freeman & Tara Duggan

Blue Bottle

Faviken by Magnus Nilsson

The Art of Cooking Vegetables by Alain Passard 


Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America by Maricel E. Presilla

Cran Cocina Latina

Ripe by Nigel Slater



The Piglet—inspired by The Morning News' Tournament of Books—is where the 16 most notable cookbooks of the year face off in a NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Watch the action and weigh in on the results!


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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



JadeTree January 30, 2013
I sent mine in Tuesday night - did the attachment work?
Kenzi W. January 31, 2013
I see it, yes.
Joanna S. February 1, 2013
Me too - I hope you got it!
Miss_Mary January 30, 2013
Hi! I emailed my review to [email protected], was the right thing to do?
Kenzi W. January 30, 2013
Kenzi W. January 29, 2013
Hi everyone! Just a reminder that all Community Picks reviews are due by tomorrow, January 30th, in order to be considered. Can't wait to read them all!
CamillaMMann January 29, 2013
Emailed my review on Sunday. Can't wait to read what everyone else wrote!
aargersi January 29, 2013
Me too - Kenzi I sent from another email address and not sure I SIGNED it - I will send a follow-up email in a few to make sure you guys know that was me ...
Kenzi W. January 29, 2013
Great, thank you both so much!
Kenzi W. January 7, 2013
Hi all, since some of you have still been asking, I'm reposting my comment from below: We're full! Thanks everyone, we can't wait to read the reviews!

But by all means, please test if you like -- your takes will be welcome in the comments when we start releasing the reviews.
Paula R. January 7, 2013
Will test to test Joy the Baker
Rachel S. January 6, 2013
Are there any still available to test? I'm not choosy-
Lynne F. January 5, 2013
Hi, guys. Super idea to get everyone involved in the Piglet. Don't mean to strain the process, but could you publish a list of confirmed contributors? I asked for Gran Cocina Latina when there was room (I think!), just wanted to make sure it's a go before I turn my family into guinea pigs, lol.
Kenzi W. January 5, 2013
Someone asked this on the other thread, and this was my response: since this is operating just like Community Picks for a contest would, we're sticking with our guideline to keep reviewers private so that people will feel comfortable giving honest reviews. But yes, I have you down! Looking forward to the review.
Lynne F. January 5, 2013
Cool, Kenzi, thx :)
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
We're full! Thanks everyone, we can't wait to read the reviews!
CamillaMMann January 4, 2013
Kenzi, just wanted to make sure I'm reviewing Afield. When I asked if there was still room, you said 'yes'. But before I wrote that I'd take it, I saw your announcement that you're full. Please just let me know. Thanks!
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
Yes, you're in. Sorry for the confusion!
CamillaMMann January 4, 2013
Thanks! Very excited.
Joel M. January 4, 2013
I'd take on Faviken if I had some leeway to alter ingredients if necessary (access could be a problem)...
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
UPDATE: We have one slot left for Afield, otherwise, everything is full. Thanks to everyone for taking part!
CamillaMMann January 4, 2013
IS there still room for a review of Afield?
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
CamillaMMann January 4, 2013
I'll take it.
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
Blue bottle is now full!
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
New rule of thumb for book-claiming: if I haven't told you otherwise, consider yourself in! So excited to see so much enthusiasm for this.
There'sAlwaysPie January 4, 2013
I will test out the Blue Bottle Cookbook if there is still availability..
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
You're in!
patinad January 4, 2013
too bad! I'd totally be down for M.C but the cost-yikes!
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
Totally understand. Perhaps you have a library nearby with a super awesome food section?
patinad January 4, 2013
oooh. They doooooooo. But it's OUT. dammit.
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
UPDATE: The only books with slots left are Faviken, Blue Bottle, Afield, and Modernist Cuisine. Happy testing!
hardlikearmour January 4, 2013
Could you compile the 2 posts on Piglet Community Picks? Maybe also do an update showing the testers of each book? I just went through both posts and found the only books w/o the full allotment of testers are: Afield and Faviken. In addition several books have more than 5 dibs-callers: Flour Water Salt Yeast, Joy the Baker, Cook Fight, and Gran Cocina Latina.
jenniebgood January 4, 2013
yes - I signed up for Cook Fight but it must be on the other post.
jenniebgood January 4, 2013
Agreed - I signed up for Cook Fight some time ago. Hope I'm down for that one.
patinad January 4, 2013
I'd like to review Cook Fight if it's still available.
Kenzi W. January 4, 2013
Apologies, this is full! See the update at the top of this thread for the books still available.
patinad January 4, 2013
I'll take COOK FIGHT if it's still available.
EAng January 4, 2013
I'm down for The Art of Cooking with Vegetables if it's still available!