Test Kitchen Top 3: Sprinkle Time

January 16, 2013

Sure, we care about testing and photographing delicious and exciting recipes form our brilliant community of home cooks, but really, the main reason we all show up to the test kitchen each week is to hang out with Walker and Addie, Amanda's twins. (Bonus points for days when Clara makes guest appearances). Whether they're sharing their best salad recipes, wiggling a loose tooth, or showing off dance moves in the kitchen, these two always add some much-needed laughter to our days. Take a peek at the fun we had this week, and follow us on Instagram for more cuteness.

1. "Unintentional" matching: Kristy and Walker claim they didn't plan their matching shirts. We think they're lying.

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2. No Peeking! Addie sneaks a peek at an enticing chocolate cake while James photographs it. We can't blame her.

3. It's sprinkle time! Once the photographs were taken, the sprinkles came out. Addie and walker used their creative license to decorate the cake, which (of course) we proceeded to devour. Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe in the coming weeks!

Want to learn more about the twins' eats? Take a peek into their school lunches for some brown bag inspiration.

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



cookinginvictoria January 16, 2013
Addie and Walker are adorable. It took me a minute, but I think I just realized what AJ is refering to! Hope I'm right. :)
AntoniaJames January 16, 2013
P.S. The one candle on that cake is a dead giveaway as the context in which we'll see it soon (I think . . .). ;o)
AntoniaJames January 16, 2013
I've been trying to recall why Walker's handwriting (see the salad recipe he wrote) looks so familiar. With the exception of the distinctive Trebuchet MS "M", his writing is perfect Century Gothic! ;o)
drbabs January 16, 2013
What sweet children. (And that cake looks vaguely familiar....)