How to Eat Pomegranates the Un-Messy Way

January 16, 2013

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Today: Peel and eat pomegranates like a seasoned veteran.

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Don't trust those that claim you need an old, dirty shirt in preparation for peeling and eating pomegranates. With just a paring knife and a bowl of water, you can enjoy this gorgeous fruit -- stain and stress free.

Watch our Assistant Editor, Kristy Mucci, deftly slice open a pomegranate, and submerge half of it in water to pry away the seeds. After seeing just how simple it is, add some pretty pomegranate seeds to your Triple Pomegranate Smoothie or Arugula, Pear and Goat Cheese Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

This video was shot and edited by Kyle Orosz

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    Christina @ Christina's Cucina
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    Ann Chan

Written by: gheanna

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patw December 4, 2013
Funny, I've never broken arils w/the wooden spoon method. I do it over a big bowl of water and have at it. Water is clear when I'm done. You really have to give it a good thwack to loosen them. It's lots of fun, good way to de-stress :) Thanks for all the great pomegranate recipes!
Cookwright January 21, 2013
Ha, so THIS is how you do it...thanks!
Christina @. January 21, 2013
This is the way my mother taught me, but without the water. I don't know why, but putting it in water is a turn off for me, plus I think that the arils won't last as long after they've been in water, so I'm sticking to my mother's method :) http://christinascucina.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-to-open-pomegranate-easiest-least.html
ustabahippie January 20, 2013
I tried the cut and smack methos, works great and no mess. You do have to really smack them tho'!
Ann C. January 20, 2013
Love it! No stains!
We. Also purchased at Walmart a plastic pomegranate seeder for $3.
All you do is cut in half and tap on top of skin and seeds fall out. It is amazing.
cookingProf January 18, 2013
The easiest way for me is to peel the pomegranate like you would a whole apple. You can then easily pull it apart into segments that separate at the membranes. No arils will be cut or broken that way; no mess left behind.
Susan M. January 17, 2013
Easier way is to turn half upside down and take a wooden spoon and tape until all the seeds fall out.
Allyn A. January 17, 2013
Thanks for the great video! I just tried your method and to my surprise it was just as easy as demonstrated! I even dried my hands off with my "Just for Show" kitchen towels with not a lick of juice left behind! Thanks so much for helping me overcome my Pomegranate peeling fears :)

PS I have to admit I did change my shirt just in case!
Kristy M. January 17, 2013
So glad we helped you get over your pomegranate peeling fears! Happy eating!
wietje January 16, 2013
I think the last time I ate this fruit when I was a child and that was ages ago. I remember I hated the little seeds I had to spit out although the juice was nice. Now, seeing your video, maybe I should give this fruit another chance.
Kristy M. January 17, 2013
You don't have to spit out the seeds (I used to, too when I was a kid), the crunch of the whole aril (seed included) is fun!
Panfusine January 16, 2013
Has anyone tried nibbling on the white , tannic , paper like membrane between the segments of arils?
Kristy M. January 17, 2013
Yes, when I was little (I had pomegranate trees growing up), and I was not a fan. So bitter!
Panfusine January 17, 2013
The pith & membranes are supposed to be beneficial.As a kid, Remember being forced to sip a tea brewed with the inedible parts to stop a bad case of an upset stomach. Not exactly palatable but it worked..
Kristy M. January 17, 2013
I'm going to try that some time! My tolerance for bitter taste has certainly increased since the age of 6.
fantasticna January 20, 2013
Oh, I remember the same tea for an upset stomach when I was a teenager. The bitterest thing on earth!
Peggy F. January 16, 2013
The easiest way to get to the delicious insides of a pomegranate is to slice it in half. Put it in the palm of your hand, seeds down and smack the skin with a spatula. The seeds fall right out. No muss no fuss.
Ambitious January 16, 2013
I agree! I tried this method last week and it was glorious. :D
CarlaCooks January 17, 2013
I've tried that method and the seeds just stayed firmly attached... maybe I need to be a bit more aggressive with my spatula?
Kristy M. January 17, 2013
That method doesn't work for me, either. And I still stand by trying your best not to break arils and release juice.
arhoad January 16, 2013
When you do it this way...you lose all the delicious juice! I prefer the messy way!
Kristy M. January 16, 2013
You lose the juice when you break the arils, which doesn't happen when you do it this way. That's the whole point of this method.
hardlikearmour January 16, 2013
I second Kristy! You barely lose any juice with this method, only the arils that got cut when scoring the fruit. You can see in the video when she dips her hand into the bowl to scoop out the arils the water is not pink colored which it would be if there was pomegranate juice in it.
arhoad January 16, 2013
Ok...I will try it!
Panfusine January 16, 2013
I score the fruit into 6 segments song the ridge part of the fruit and break it up. Then just pull the peel back to release the arils. Never used the bowl of water.