Test Kitchen Top 3: Social Time

February  1, 2013

There is always a little bit of everything happening in the test kitchen: cooking, photography, styling, chatting, and eating. Something always smells good, there's always something to clean, and if we're lucky, we'll get an exciting visitor. This week, the sun even came out, and our day started out on a bright note. Clara stopped by for a quick photo shoot, Amanda's table was piled high with citrus of every color, and Jennifer and Allison, our tireless recipe testers and queens of the test kitchen, kept cranking out desserts to keep our sugar levels high. Take a peek at some of this week's test kitchen scenes, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more!

jokez  knife

1. Sometimes we socialize. As the morning got started, the team once again came together in the kitchen over coffee and baby pictures. The kitchen was sunny, the temperatures outside weren't arctic, and everyone was in a cheery mood -- a great way to begin a long day. On a much more serious note, Kristen made sure that Kristy had seen a newly acquired butter knife. These are the things that we get excited about here.

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clara laugh  clara2

2. Clara is maturing into a beautiful young lady who enjoys eating chicken with her hands and stays busy on Instagram. Of course, the moment that Clara walked into the room, we all stopped what we were doing to fawn over her, admire her fashionable smocks, and snap pictures of her eating chicken. She quickly shifted from model to photographer, grabbing our phones to take some pictures of her own (or, at least, attempt to). We're wondering when she's going to get her own Instagram account, and whether those smocks come in adult sizes.

cirtus  cookies

3. Also there was food. Lots of food. Kenzi sliced up plates full of citrus -- including a pomelo larger than some of our faces -- for a photo shoot. Later on, we were sure to balance out our fruit intake with cookies, pudding, and a sweet, Genius treat (not pictured, but coming soon!) that changed our lives just a little bit. 

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



Tabledeckers February 27, 2013
Who are the lucky folks that get to be part of a "test kitchen". I am only 90 minutes away in Philadelphia! I made the trip for the Piglet! My girls are grown, but I would happily bring photos of them and my dog for the photo sharing part of the day!
Jean B. February 2, 2013
Kitchen Butterfly can have the inside track on a summer internship. However, I think you should consider guest passes for those of us out in the hinterlands (midwest in my case). Go ahead and charge us for the privilege. Ask us (ok, tell us) to do some, or all, of the dishes. Give us the evil eye if we get too rowdy. Heck, we don't care. We just think it would be a hoot to come and hang out in the test kitchen for a bit and soak up whatever is on offer that day (cooking tips, tasty bits, the love of creating and sharing good food, etc.). Actually, I think this could be such a great way to further connect the wonderful community of folks that have come together because of all of your efforts.
Kitchen B. February 1, 2013
This suspense is keeping me alive. Meyer lemon cheesecake mention. Genius suprise mention. We want the real deal. Soon. Clara is so cute, I can see how she would. as well with a new butter knife, brighten up the Test Kitchen.

I want to come work for food52 please. Any summer openings?