Test Kitchen Top 3: Persimmons and Birthdays

February  6, 2013

This week brought us another busy day in the test kitchen. Jennifer and Allison cranked out an impressive number of recipes without breaking a sweat, including a bevy of persimmon dishes. Before this week, we never really knew how versatile persimmons could be -- but, as always, the creativity that our community of cooks brings to each contest was impressive and seriously delicious. Both sweet and savory, your recipes turned us into persimmon fans. The day ended with a celebration -- a certain ninja had a birthday last week -- so we brought out a cake, illegible icing jobs be damned. Take a peek into our Tuesday, browse some persimmon recipes, and let us know what you think that cake says; we're still clueless. More fruit and folly can be found, as always, by following us on Instagram


1. Give peace persimmons a chance. We tested recipes from our persimmon contest, which required a group effort of staffers hauling persimmons from bodegas across Brooklyn. And some of us discovered that we actually liked these funny little fruits -- sliced, diced, baked, and stewed, we sampled persimmons every which way. Looking for recipe inspiration? Browse the contest entries, and watch for Community Picks later this week!

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2. Stove-top conferencing. Kristy and James discussed a dish that tasted like a winner but wasn't exactly the prettiest girl at the dance: "It's really delicious, it's just...brown." Of course, they worked their styling-and-photography magic; keep your eyes peeled for our newest tested recipes in the coming weeks! 


3. A very Food52 birthday. We celebrated Jennifer's birthday a few days late with chocolate cake. Because after a day of testing and eating recipes, all we want is chocolate cake! The message in the icing remains a mystery, though. It might say falafel. Addie thinks it says 7 sde. Or seven cities. The world may never know.

PS: Unpictured is the Piglet trophy, which resurfaced after a year of, we assume, playing in the mud and befriending spiders named Charlotte. That thing is heavy. Keep an eye out for the first round of decisions -- have you read today's judgement yet? -- and stay tuned to see who will take the behemoth home.

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull