Preserved Lemon and Spring Vegetable Risotto with Grilled Pernod Shrimp

March 26, 2010

A&M are joined by a special guest -- Cesare Casella, Executive Chef/Owner of Salumeria Rosi and Dean of Italian Studies at the Italian Culinary Academy -- who knows a thing or two about risotto. Chef Casella talks tools and technique with A&M as they cook Preserved Lemon and Spring Vegetable Risotto with Grilled Pernod Shrimp by The Dog's Breakfast (here's a hint: Amanda's "intellectual" risotto spoon is unnecessary for making perfectly creamy, al dente risotto).

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    The Dog's Breakfast
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SusanRubinsky April 18, 2012
I found the sound quality difficult. That room has an echo. Next time you might want to try pinned mics.
The D. March 29, 2010
Hey, this is great to see our recipe in action. :-) The lemon juice also gives a higher note while the preserved lemon adds a more subtle mid-note to the dish. This is a nice risotto for Spring time. - Rob
Helenthenanny March 27, 2010
Yep, still a cutie pie! This recipe looks really beautiful and delicious, well done TDB and congrats! A & M, these risotto videos are so sweet : )
NakedBeet March 27, 2010
A great comment about the pots, but it was really hard to hear what Cesare was saying the rest of the time.