Gluten-Free Banana Flapjacks

March  8, 2013

Weird & Ravenous, a.k.a. Cleo Brock-Abraham and Julia Turshen, are best friends who cook and eat together constantly. And now they're doing this video series for Food52! Follow along, discover new ingredients, and let them show you how to make healthy food affordable.

Today: Watch Cleo and Julia make Gluten-Free Banana Flapjacks.

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(To see a larger version of this video, just click "vimeo" on the lower right side of the video above.)

Get the recipe: Gluten-Free Banana Flapjacks


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Marian B. March 9, 2013
These are so good!
ChristyBean March 9, 2013
Looks delish! Can't wait to stack 'em high tomorrow morning!