How to Separate Eggs, 2 Ways

March 20, 2013

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Today: Two ways to get your separate yolks and whites. 

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While an egg on its own is a beautiful thing -- fried, scrambled, boiled -- sometimes we need to separate the yolks and the whites, to use their respective special powers all on their own.

Kristen and Kristy show us two different ways of separating them -- one using her hands, the other using the shells. Now, it's time to make carbonara or curd -- and a batch of meringues!

Which method do you use?

This video was shot and edited by Kyle Orosz.



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    Kathryn Porterfield 1
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Kathryn P. March 20, 2013
The hand way is much more likely to get germs which are on the shell into your egg white, risking salmonella if you are using it raw.
vickyness March 20, 2013
I use an empty plastic water bottle and place it directly over the yolk, squeeze it lightly and let the suction draw the yolk directly into the bottle leaving the whites behind. Then squeeze the yolk out in a separate bowl. It cleanly separates the whites and yolks.