8 Ways to Have Cake for Breakfast

June  4, 2013

Sure, we can all savor our Greek yogurt and oatmeal in the morning, pretending it's exactly what we want, letting it fill us with the protein and the complex carbohydrates our bodies welcome with our morning coffee.

But come on. In the end, we all just want cake for breakfast.

Here are 8 excuses to bake a cake tonight and eat it for breakfast tomorrow. Bring the rest to work. It'll be gone by noon.

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Strawberry Balsamic and Olive Oil Breakfast Cake by indieculinary 

Strawberry Balsamic Breakfast Cale


 Maple Oatmeal Princess Coffee Cake by hardlikearmour

Maple Oatmeal Princess Coffee Cake


Cardamom Crumb Cake by Dorie Greenspan

Cardamom Crumb Cake


Salvadorean Breakfast Cake (a.k.a Quesadillas) by Sasha (Global Table Adventure)

Salvadorean Breakfast Cake


Maple Yogurt Pound Cake by Rivka

Maple Yogurt Pound Cake


Rhubarb Almond Crumb Cake by Bob Vivant 

Rhubarb Almond Coffee Cake


Brooke Dojny's Blueberry Snack Cake with Toasted Pecan Topping by Genius Recipes

Blueberry Snack Cake


Prune Coffee Cake by nannydeb

Prune Coffee Cake



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Amanda S. June 10, 2013
life is better when you have cake for breakfast