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5 Links to Read Before Making Cold-Brewed Coffee

July 17, 2013

Each week, we’ll be sharing a comprehensive list of links to help you master a cooking technique. Culinary greatness, here you come.

Today: How to beat the heat with a refreshing cold-brewed coffee.

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Now that summer’s here, hot coffee has lost its appeal -- we rely on cold, refreshing iced coffee for our daily morning buzz. Our preferred way of achieving the perfect, not-too-bitter cup? The cold-brew method. We know pre-made versions are readily available, but it’s easy (and cheap!) to make right at home. These links will help.

  • A step-by-step guide to cold-brew success. (Food52.)
  • For those of you intimidated by cold-brew, there’s nothing to worry about -- it’s simple! (Huffington Post.)
  • Thirteen tips for a better iced brew. (The Kitchn.)
  • Another foolproof approach to mastering the method -- with a little finishing salt, for good measure. (America’s Test Kitchen.)
  • The more time you let the grounds steep, the better. Prep them the night before and wake up to iced coffee bliss. (Serious Eats.)

How to Make Cold Brew from Food52

What are your tips for making cold-brewed coffee? Tell us in the comments!

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Shawn H. March 2, 2016
I've been using as my bean source. I think that these are some great tips that I could try when tasting new coffee from my coffee subscription. Thanks for this post.
jamrosen July 19, 2013
Glad to see the selection of links, since it's nice to see the range of opinion. I would add this from Sweet Maria's, since they are an incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy source about all things coffee:
Sharon I. July 17, 2013
The ATK link is broken. Can you fix it? Thanks for all of these tips!
Lauren K. July 17, 2013
Hi, Sharon. I think it's working now. Thanks so much for catching that!