Test Kitchen Outtakes: Unbridled Enthusiasm

July 31, 2013

Dear Internet: Provisions is coming. We're excited. The anticipation is palpable. And it's contagious.

This week, we were feeling enthusiastic about a whole lot of things. Namely, summer. And the impending Provisions launch. We've rounded up a few of our favorite Instagrams from the past week at Food52 HQ; follow us here for more, and be sure to sign up for Provisions! Because we want you to be excited, too.

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Few things make us happier than greenmarket tomatoes. A few nameless employees have been eating them for dinner every night: sliced, sprinkled with salt, and paired with plates full of ricotta and toast. We also like arranging them on this beautiful Ink Dish plate, which you'll soon be able to order here.

Amanda's adorable twins, Addie and Walker, came in to test -- and pose with -- some s'mores. We were excited to see them; they were excited to eat s'mores. (And yes, we made them in the oven. Here's how.)

Here's Spanky, our official office mascot, posing as a model for the Provisions enamel canisters -- the perfect place to keep treats. And today is Spanky's birthday! So we're celebrating. With more treats

Needless to say, the note Addie and Walker left on their way out of the office sums up our feelings perfectly.

Tell us: What Provisions goods are you most excited about?

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ChefJune August 1, 2013
Addie and Walker keep getting more adorable all the time.
Rhonda35 July 31, 2013
I love Addie and Walker - my most favorite 7-year-olds on the planet!
Kitchen B. July 31, 2013
I totally agree with Addie and Walker - after seeing the new offices.....and smelling the delectable aromas, I want to move to NYC and come work with food52. I AM SERIOUS!