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Modern Farmer's 5 Easy Things to Grow

September 27, 2013

This week, our friends at Modern Farmer will be sharing some of their most recent recipes, choosing a wildcard, and answering our questions. For more news on farming near and far, pick up an issue in Provisions.

Today: No matter whether your thumb is green or black, you can grow these at home.

Rosemary on Food52

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Rosemary: Impossible to kill, rosemary goes great with everything.

More: Once you've grown your own rosemary, try drying it at home.


Jalapeños on Food52

Jalapeño peppers: You can grow these in small pots without worry -- and it's super fun to pick your own peppers.  


Mint on Food52

Mint: Remember to plant this hospitable herb in its own planter -- otherwise, it will take over anything else.  


Lettuce on Food52

Lettuce: You can actually grow it in a window box -- and just four heads will supply you fine because the stuff grows so damn fast.

More: Once you've picked your lettuce, be sure to store it right.  


Tomatoes on Food52  

Tomatoes: If you stake 'em, they will grow well and give you quite a harvest, even off just a couple of plants. Just remember to give them a lot of water and fertilizer -- they're hungry beasts.  

Photos by James Ransom.


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    Valentina Solfrini
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    Kitchen Butterfly
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Valentina S. September 30, 2013
Arugula is also pretty easy! Sprinkling the seeds in any pot and adding some water would probably be enough. Mine grew wildly along with some other weeds!
Reading all the comments about mint is totally hilarious. There are mint plants every friggin' where in the countryside around me!
aargersi September 29, 2013
We had to pull our giant rosemary behemoth - saved the wood for the smoker and it's GREAT! Now we have a much smaller and more civilized fellow in a pot. And the mint - it jumped it's pot and planted itself in my back bed. Good thing I like mint ... eating it as fast as I can ...
Kitchen B. September 27, 2013
Mint, prolific. Ha. It hasn't met my African waterleaf. All weather growth with popping, self-propagating seeds. Hmmm
Panfusine September 27, 2013
Umm.. I've killed rosemary, AND my mint weed that was so prolific last year never showed it face this 2013! :-(
HalfPint September 27, 2013
Please tell us how you killed the mint. I though I had erradicated my mint mob a few years only to turn around this summer and see it back in robust health in my garden. Again.
Panfusine September 27, 2013
still searching for an answer to that myself!!
Hilarybee September 28, 2013
I want all of my mint to die, die, die! I was young and didn't know any better. I planted it in my garden. Five years ago. Every time I see it killing off my other plants, I curse the fact that I ever planted it!
HalfPint September 27, 2013
I would add parsley to that list. It is easy to germinate, very low maintenance, and in the temperate climate like San Francisco, it grows year round.
I, too, have killed rosemary (too much watering). Mint is the bane of my existence. You really can never ever kill mint.
petitbleu September 27, 2013
I would also add radishes to this list. I love growing radishes because they're so fast and easy and take up almost no space. You can easily grow enough radishes to feed a family pretty much anywhere!
Emily September 27, 2013
Thank you for these wonderful suggestions!! I have successfully killed so many basil plants..... I had just about given up. But I'll give rosemary and mint a try.:)

Greenstuff September 27, 2013
Actually, I've killed both rosemary and mint! When I lived in New England, rosemary couldn't make it through the winter, so I'd pot it up and bring it into my green house. If potted rosemary completely dries out, it dies.

Here in California, I cannot kill rosemary, and the bigger challenge is keeping it from being an overgrown shrub. On the other hand, my mint is in a raised bed, and it's almost done itself in with this year's drought.
HalfPint September 27, 2013
Don't worry @Greenstuff. Your mint will come back, with a vengeance :)
Greenstuff September 27, 2013
Yeah, I probably exaggerated that particular death..