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Make Yourself a Sandwich

October  2, 2013

Cooking on the cheap shouldn't mean minute rice and buttered pasta every night. With a little creativity and a little planning, you can make the most of a tight budget -- without sacrificing flavor or variety. 

Today: Gabriella thinks it's time you ate more sandwiches.

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If you were on the Internet at some point last week, you probably heard about 300 Sandwiches lady. The gist? If she makes her boyfriend 300 sandwiches, he'll propose to her. I gagged. I rolled my eyes and invoked the f-word (feminism) a whole lot. Then I clicked through to her blog.

Questionable content aside, the sandwiches are...not bad looking. I found my mouth watering. I felt guilty. I ate a sandwich. 

So here's what I'll do. I'll make 300 sandwiches too, just for myself. And so should you. You should make more sandwiches for yourself, and you should eat them for dinner on weeknights because they're cheap and fast and never get old. 

Let's take back the sandwich.


We've got a foolproof, lazy man's No-Knead Sandwich Bread to get you started if you're serious about DIY-ing your whole meal.


Remember all those spreads that we made together over the summer? They're key for elevating your sandwich to a real meal and not something reminiscent of an elementary school lunch.  If you're freestyling your sandwiches, make sure you have some mixed greens to add freshness, roasted vegetables (think red peppers, eggplant) for richness, and a leftover protein on hand to mix and match for heft. 

For inspiration, here's a sandwich and a side for every night of the work week:

World's Easiest Falafel and Tzatziki

With Moroccan Carrot Salad with Harissa


Grilled Aged Cheddar Cheese Sandwich with Pistachio Cheese Pesto

With tomato soup made from Marcella Hazan's Genius tomato sauce.


Collard Wraps with Herbed Cashew Spread and Roasted Peppers

With a White Bean Salad with Tarragon.


A Not Sad PB & J

With Homemade Potato Chips.

Manchego, Grilled Red Pepper + Potato Sandwich with Paprika Mayo

Plus Kale with Avocado and Pickled Red Onions.

Tell us: what are your favorite weeknight sandwich dinners? 

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  • HalfPint
  • amysarah
  • ChefJune
  • Panfusine
Yes, my name rhymes.


Susan March 20, 2014
Scrambled egg and tomato sandwich: heaven on earth.
HalfPint October 2, 2013
Nothing so satisfying and comforting as a bacon sandwich. Not a BLT. Just bacon and squishy white bread.
amysarah October 2, 2013
Take back the sandwich indeed! But, ssshh...next thing you know there will be a bill proposed to regulate women's right to make sandwiches. (I kid. Sort of.) Regardless - just had lunch with my daughter today and we were discussing the inherent wonderfulness of sandwiches. When tomatoes are in season, I'd put a really good BLT up against the fanciest dish.
ChefJune October 2, 2013
Love sandwiches. They are terribly underrated.
At this time of year my favorite is ripe tomato and avocado with some great cheese (Dairilicious or Vivace from Cato Farms are wonderful) on toasted whole grain or homemade Jewish rye, with a handful of arugula.
Panfusine October 2, 2013
Beautiful selection of sandwiches, each one so delicious looking that One wouldn't know which one to start with..*SIGH*