Our Latest Contest: Your Best Thanksgiving Pie

October 28, 2013

Your Best Pie from Food52

We're quickly approaching pie's golden days: the days late in fall where a certain holiday requires it, breakfasts the next day demand it, and nobody is mad about any of it. Let's start practicing now, shall we? We want your best recipes for how to perfectly end Thanksgiving this year. 

To enter, head to the contest page here.

52 Days of Thanksgiving
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52 Days of Thanksgiving

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mrslarkin October 28, 2013
Of course, when it's Pie Week, my oven decides to die. Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions!
Fairmount_market October 28, 2013
oh no! I was looking forward to your entrees.
ChefJune October 29, 2013
mrslarkin, somehow I'll bet you have a few recipes on hand that you've already tested. I'd be disappointed not to see at least one entry from you!
mrslarkin October 29, 2013
thanks you guys! My thinking cap is on. I threw in a couple of oldies from my recipe folder, just in case.
littleman October 28, 2013
Does it have to be a dessert pie?
ChefJune October 28, 2013
Thanks, Kenzi
AntoniaJames October 28, 2013
Are tarts allowed, or must it be a true "pie"? Thank you. ;o)
Kenzi W. October 28, 2013
Tarts as well!
ChefJune October 28, 2013
Is this one of those contests where each entrant can submit only one entry?
Kenzi W. October 28, 2013
Nope! Come one pie recipe, come all.