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7 Soups to Warm You for Thanksgiving Week

November 13, 2013

A hot bowl of soup is always the right decision when the weather turns cold in fall and winter, but soup is especially perfect at Thanksgiving -- whether before, during, or after the big day.

Did you get too enthusiastic at the market and buy way more Thanksgiving dinner produce than you actually need? Toss the extras in a pot, add some herbs and stock, simmer, and voila: the day-before dinner (you know, the meal you forgot about because you’re so focused on Thanksgiving dinner). On Thanksgiving Day, a seasonal soup makes a perfect first course and sets a warm, comforting tone for the rest of the meal. On the day after, whether you fall into the sweatpants-all-day-relaxer or the mall-braver camps, soup is a perfect way to enjoy leftovers without just reheating.

Here are 7 Thanksgiving soups that should have a prime place at the table this year.

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Roasted Celery Soup by inpatskitchen


Turkey Pho by WinnieAb


Roasted Carrot Soup by Reeve


Caul-do Verde (Portuguese Caldo Verde with Cauliflower) by Bogre


Lentil and Sausage Soup with Kale by Merrill Stubbs


Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Sherry by Merrill Stubbs


Paul Bertolli's Cauliflower Soup by Genius Recipes

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