The Crowd-Pleaser: 11 Exciting Potato Recipes

November 20, 2013

This one's for all you out there who just don't get mashed potatoes. Sure they have plenty of butter and salt, but where's the crisp? Where's the crunch? Where's the gooey cheese and the bacon and the salt crust? 

Here, of course! Because even though this holiday is all about the turkey, the marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes and that weird cranberry sauce in a can, potatoes are the best part of any meal, ever. They know just how to please everyone without overwhelming, and they couldn't be more simple to prepare -- whether you're slicing them thin for a gratin or frying them into latkes (it is Thanksgivukkah, after all).

So make the right choice this Thanksgiving. And make potatoes.

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Spanish Roasted Potato Salad by mysocialchef

Spanish Roasted Potato Salad on Food52


Potato Mash with Leek Confit and Bacon by inpatskitchen

Potato Mash with Leek Confit and Bacon on Food52


Francis Mallman's Potato Dominoes by Genius Recipes

Potato Dominoes on Food52


Celery Root and Potato Gratin by thirschfeld

Celery Root and Potato Gratin on Food52


Variegated Spiced Latkes by sagegreen

Variegated Spiced Latkes on Food52


Crispy Cream-Braised Potatoes and Fennel by EmilyC

Crispy Cream-Braised Potatoes with Fennel on Food52


Jose Pizarro's Salt-Crusted Potatoes with Cilantro Mojo  by Genius Recipes

Salt-Crusted Potatoes on Food52


Broccoli Rabe, Potato and Rosemary Pizza  by TasteFood

Broccoli Rabe, potato and rosemary pizza on Food52


Pommes Dauphinoise (Potatoes au Gratin) by Merrill Stubbs

Pommes Dauphinoise on Food52


Creamy Potato Soup with Bacon Vinaigrette by OB Cookie

Creamy Potato Soup on Food52


The WFP: Greek Mahogany Potatoes by creamtea

Greek Mahogany Potatoes on Food52


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