11 Non-Poultry Dinners You Can Make This Week

November 25, 2013

Dear America,

We know you know it's Thanksgiving on Thursday. We know you know to get your turkey ready, to bake a pie. We know you know that this is a big deal, and that you should be thinking about it right this very second, and then you should go do something -- anything! -- productive about it.

But we're not sure if you remember that there are other meals this week. Yep, there's Monday through Wednesday of normal dinners, dinners that you also, maybe, can cook. 

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These dinners do not have turkey -- in fact, they have no poultry. They do not taste like Thanksgiving. They will not take more than a half hour. So we think you should think about dinner tonight and tomorrow night and the next, too -- and then make one of these.



Crispy Lentils with Ground Lamb by Amanda Hesser

Lamb from Food52\


Quick Wok-Fired Greens with Squid by wildgreens 

Grens and squid from Food52


Warm Vegetable Curry by meganvt01 

Curry from Food52


Grilled Peanut Tofu by enbe 

Tofu from Food52


Maple-Cardamom Glazed Salmon by alasully

Salmon from Food52


Lemongrass-Ginger Patties by Nicholas

Patties from Food52


Yam and Peanut Stew with Kale by Gena Hamshaw

Stew from Food52


Fish Salpicon by Merrill Stubbs

Fish salpicon from Food52


Swiss Chard and Lemon Ricotta Pasta by TheWimpyVegetarian

Pasta from Food52


Tuscan Bread Soup with a Sage Oil Drizzle by em-i-lis

Bread soup from Food52



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