Happy Thankgifing!

November 28, 2013

By now most of us are sitting around in a semi-comatose state, stuffed to the gills and not exactly in the mood to peruse recipes or discuss what we're making for breakfast tomorrow. (But, for the record, these.)

It's moments like these that scream for a round of mindless animated gifs. Lucky for you, we've rounded up a few gems -- mostly cats and babies of course -- to help get you through the post-Thanksgiving stupor.

Allow us to present: The Tale of Thanksgiving, as Told by Animated Gifs.

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Thanksgiving prep for 30? We got this.


Dinner is served! (Let the compliments begin!)


Just can't get enough.


Everyone loves my pie.


Can't stop, won't stop.


Uh oh.


Sure, I'll do one more bite of des...


What's happening?


Just one more bite was a bad idea.


Sure boss, I'll totally answer emails after dinner.




 Deep. Breaths.


Don't tell me to wear a nice outfit to dinner right now.


I feel like a burrito.


 I can't even think about Black Friday crowds (I better head to Provisions instead.)


I should not have had that fourth slice of turducken.


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Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving

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LauriL December 1, 2013
Glad I didn't watch these clips soon after the BIG meal or it might have been a Belushi re-run!!
ohhaylsno November 30, 2013
Ha! Thank you for the dose of holiday humor!