Valentine's Day

What to Eat for Galentine's Day

February 11, 2014

So you're opting out of Valentine's Day. Be it because you're joyfully single or jadedly so, because you get a perverse joy from scampering right past those heart-shaped candies in the drugstore, or because you've had it up to here with pricey prix-fixes in packed restaurants, we get it. We've been there.

But must you opt out of everything -- the warm fuzzies, the indulgent dinner, the chocolate -- simply because you're snubbing the sappy cards and strewn rose petals? We think not.

Instead, we'll have a feast to celebrate Galentine's Day, pulling out all the stops with snacks and lobster and homemade truffles since galpals are worth it. Because this day only comes once a year, there might be a little brunch in your dinner -- go with it. There's also a whole soup of creamy roasted garlic -- thank goodness you don't have to kiss anyone! This year, it's about ladies celebrating ladies, so raise a toast and treat yourself.

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Fig and Blue Cheese Tart with Honey, Balsamic, and Rosemary by dashandbella


Cheese Sables with Rosemary Salt by Anna May


Roasted Garlic Soup with Olive Croutons by linzarella


Lobster Diavolo by Merrill Stubbs


Pink Greens by Marissa Grace


Aretha Frankenstein's Waffles of Insane Greatness by Genius Recipes


Earl Grey Vanilla Bean Truffles Two Ways by kangarhubarb


Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse by Genius Recipes


Shirley Temple Black by hardlikearmour


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    Rémy Robert
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Jessica February 11, 2014
Last year my husband made my best friend and I a French Feminist dinner, based on a recipe that appeared in the first women's magazine in France (I believe it advocated for women's rights). He loves Galentine's Day even more than I do, I think!
Author Comment
Rémy R. February 14, 2014
That is amazing! Simone de Bourguignon and Hélène Cix-soup? :)
AntoniaJames February 11, 2014
Oh, heavens, this event is calling for a Galantine (what my mother so charmingly called "poulet en saucisse" -- she was blindingly fast in doing the prep. Well, she'd debone and I'd prep the stuffing.) Food52 simply must do a video demonstrating this technique! Alas, it's much too late for me to test, draft, re-test and submit to the current contest my mother's "recipe". I'll do it in her honor for Mother's Day! ;o)
Author Comment
Rémy R. February 11, 2014
Please do! I'd never heard of it but just Googled after reading your comment. Now my curiosity is piqued. It would be fun to cover this and other old-school dishes like terrapin stew.
AntoniaJames February 11, 2014
Amanda and Merrill were both trained in Europe, so I imagine they can both debone a whole chicken for a Galantine in their sleep. This would be perfect for a "reunion" video of Merrill and Amanda, similar to those done in the early years of Food52, in which they simply worked together on camera discussing the steps as they went along. It would provide a nice diversion, too, in this great echo chamber of content sometimes referred to as the food blogosphere. ;o)