10 Drinks to Sip on While You Watch the Oscars

March  1, 2014

There are different kinds of Oscar parties. There are Oscar parties with crostinis, idle chatter during commercials, and some mingling in the kitchen. Then there are Oscar parties where strong martinis are served, chiffon and satin are worn, and the volume on the TV is turned down low. And, of course, there are Oscar parties of two, where a laptop is propped up on some cookbooks and you spend the whole time debating who is "best dressed." Whatever the party, whatever you drink, you'll want something heavy and substantial in hand -- something like an Oscar. 

Martini by Erika Kotite 

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Lemon and Sherry Spritzer (aka Rebujito) by Amanda Hesser 


Aviation by Erik Lombardo 


Martinez by Erik Lombardo  


Last Call by gingerroot


Negroni by Erika Kotite


Sazerac by Erika Kotite


Moscow Mule by Amanda Hesser


Pomelder Prosecco Punch by hardlikearmour


A Tribute to Woody (Homemade Ginger Ale Float) by inpatskitchen


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