Soy egg nog?

I'm making a cake that calls for egg nog. I only have soy egg nog-so I used that. I really don't want to try it before bringing it into my co-workers (I think it'd look ridiculous to bring in a cake with a piece cut out!), but I'm hoping that because it's soy, the texture of the cake won't be altered that much. Does anyone have any idea if it's going to taste much different that if I'd used regular egg nog?

  • Posted by: skittle
  • December 4, 2011


ATG117 December 5, 2011
Next time, you can make a small test cake in a muffin pan. I often do this when I'm amking a recipe for the first time. That said, at this point I agree with vvvanessa. There are ways to sneak a piece without it being noticeable. The bottom is a good place, just make sure you don't make the cake uneven. And if you're frosting the cake, tehre is even more room for disguise.
vvvanessa December 5, 2011
it's probably fine, especially if it looks/feels okay texturally. if i need to taste a whole cake before i serve it, i'll either scoop a little out of the bottom of it or shave some off the top to keep it even, depending on what shape the cake is.
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