Are macarons soy and gluten free?

Are macarons soy and gluten free? Or is there a way to make them that way? I have a friend thats allergic to soy and gluten but I want to make macarons for her. For example, any filling options that are soy free? If it helps, I’m gunna try and go by the Tasty 101 recipe.

  • Posted by: Alyssa
  • December 23, 2018
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1 Comment

Stephanie B. December 24, 2018
Macaron shells are made from sugar, almonds, and egg white so those are gluten and soy free. Popular fillings for macaron include ganaches, jam, butter creams, lemon curd...all of which I think are soy free. You'd have to double check the ingredients for your choice of fillings, but in my experience most fillings are soy and gluten free as is.
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