picking avocados

I often come home to find that my avocados have brown marks all throughout their flesh, even though their skins were unblemished. Sometimes they are stringy as well. Am I picking incorrectly? Is there something I don't know. Granted they are not seasonal or local, but....

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • December 5, 2011


SKK December 5, 2011
I have been having this same issue since March and it doesn't seem to matter where I buy the avocados or what part of the country And If I buy them 'green' to ripen or already ripe. Somedays are good, somedays not so good. Been taking the ones that aren't workable back to the markets and exchanging. Somewhere along the line I made up that it is about the weather last year.
susan G. December 5, 2011
I recently found avocados in the supermarket with "ripe" stickers on them, and they were perfect. Next trip, no stickers, but we bought some with black skins which turned out to be just right too. Also, note that the large smooth skinned avo's from Florida are different from the rough skinned ones from CA -- the Haas (California) type are more buttery, and my experience with them has been more consistently good. I've also found when they're ripe, don't wait -- they're not keepers. And don't forget to start a tree with the seed -- we recently grew one to the ceiling.
ATG117 December 5, 2011
Your explanation sounds very feasible. I usually buy my avocados at Whole Foods, but I've had this same issue when I've purchased them at other places that are supposed to have good produce. I live in NYC, and we're talking avocados in fall, but it seems like they should still be better than they are. Maybe I'll mention it to costumer service. Thanks!
Greenstuff December 5, 2011
You say your avocados aren't local? Well, sometimes strings appear in fruit from young trees, and discoloration can be associated with exposure to cold temperatures or excessive handling. Do those situations match yours or are you just shopping at a grocery store and you get what you get? It can be hard or impossible to tell when there will be brown spots. Many can be cut out and some of them seem to almost "pop" out. If you get too many strings, you might want to ask the produce buyer about sources or just go elsewhere. But no, it's not you.
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