how to keep avocado from turning brown

I want to bring an avocado mac & cheese to a pot luck, but I'm afraid the avocado will turn brown and look horrible by the time I get it there. Is there any trick to keeping it green?

Kathy Connolly


Susan W. September 4, 2016
I respectfully disagree with Pierino. Baked avocado is delicious.

I am thinking the preparation and baking the avocado in the Mac and cheese will preserve the color. Do you by chance have time to bake a trial recipe? I would if I were you.
MMH September 4, 2016
You could just wait to cut the avacado until you get to the event.

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pierino September 4, 2016
Avocado and mac and cheese is just a mismatch on every level. Baked avocado looks and tastes terrible. You could serve fresh avocado on the side with a squeeze of lemon. But flavorwise it's not a good pairing.
Smaug September 4, 2016
Pierino- Hey, you can't say stuff like that here, this is the Kumbaya corner. Serenity now...
Smaug September 4, 2016
Generally, it's a matter of keeping air away from it- by covering with plastic or submerging it, for the most part. Not sure how avocado mac and cheese would be composed, but that probably wouldn't be too practical. If the avocado is cooked, I'm not sure, but it would doubtless change the equation- guessing it would already be brown.
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