.My damson tree loaded with berries any recipe ? share please?

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Soozll November 9, 2010
Aren't most damsons a dark purple? Even sloe berries are dark. Are you sure this is a damson variety?
Mr_Vittles November 9, 2010
I have not heard of damson berries, but I am sure they would be good in a bread pudding or a pie!
SweetTea November 9, 2010
Damson jelly, damson & juniper berry jelly, a cobbler, damson cake with a custardy sauce.

Make a damson vinaigrette to: deglace a pan that you've seared duck, lamb, pork or venison, lightly shook over fresh salad greens, mix with macademia oil and sprinkle over a salad, Mist over grilled peaches.

Make some venison burgers and top with damson jelly, blue cheese, mayonnaise, rocket and tomato.

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