How many batches of the sugar cookie recipe would you recommend preparing in advance?

Doubling up on two batches at once? What do you think? I never have good luck with these cookies, but every I try. My family loves these cookies.

Chicken Lady
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1 Comment

CookingMomTR December 8, 2011
I usually make a double batch, split it in half and then wrap and chill at least a couple of hours (I make my dough the day before I bake it). It is super important that the dough not get too warm or you won't be able to lift the cookies from the counter. I also have found that it is best not to "re-roll" the dough more than once after you cut the first gets too dry from the flour. Plan out how you will cut the cookies so that you get the most shapes with the least waste. You can also use the scraps to make balls, which you flatten with your hand, to eliminate the re-roll issues. Hope this helps!
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