La Mian - Chinese hand-pulled noodle DOUGH recipe needed. I have been wanting to make hand pulled noodles. I have watched all of the videos available on the puulling technique, but none provide a good recipe for the dough. I have tried several dough recipes found on-line, but none result in a dough that is relaxed enough to stretch. I have also tried combinations of regular flour and pastry flower, trying to reduce the gluten development. Anyone have luck with readily available ingredients?

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1 Comment

Mr_Vittles November 9, 2010
La Mian are quite hard to do right and may take a few goes until you get it perfect. I have tried several times and only made it correctly once. When made properly they are delicious and I usually only serve them in a duck consomme, but any soup should be okay. Here is a recipe I have used many times.
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