I tried to make these cookies and the dough came out very crumbly and dry. I was not able to make them work any ideas?

  • Posted by: mikelien
  • December 11, 2011
Secret Cookies
Recipe question for: Secret Cookies


Greenstuff December 12, 2011
vary "with" the weather of course
Greenstuff December 12, 2011
I just made them too, and mine were not quite crumbly and dry enough. I'd seen the jagged edges in the photos, so I cut back a little on the flour, hoping for a smoother edge. Instead, some of my stamps (I used some old punch cups and a pretty mustard jar) melted too much in cooking. I make a number of similar Swedish cookies every year, so I wasn't surprised. It's a fine balance. One way to combat the dry and crumbly tendency is to have the dough be a little warm, and to keep pushing it together a bit. Another way is to sprinkle it with a tiny bit water and work it in. I think they vary a the weather and with subtle differences in ingredients.
Veronica December 11, 2011
Wish I could answer--it sounds as though maybe you had too much flour? The dough is usually quite creamy, too soft to roll into a log etc. Did you use "dry measure" cups?
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