How do you make scrambled eggs?

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Mr_Vittles February 16, 2012
The French method, like listed above is fine, but I really do not like the creaminess of it, personally. I may be alone on this one, but I really like the slightly rubbery quality of overcooked eggs. I usually take a non-stick skillet, heat on medium heat for a few minutes, add eggs whole, salt & pepper, allow to solidify slightly, take a spatula and break the yolks, stir slightly every 10 seconds, just pushing the eggs around the pan, after about 30-50 seconds, they are evacuated and devoured. They are not rubbery per se, but they are not creamy like the French style scrambled eggs.
Nozlee S. February 16, 2012
And for a fancier take, there's Jenny's scrambled eggs:
Nozlee S. February 16, 2012
You can also watch a video of Merrill making scrambled eggs, if you want to work on your technique!
Kristy M. December 15, 2011
Here's a recipe for you:
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