Taco and homemade salsa suggestions/recipes beyond typical ground beef run of the mill? Want to wow our company of six this weekend. I'm ope

  • Posted by: tgrllyct
  • December 14, 2011


lloreen December 15, 2011
I made the Barbacoa beef cheek taco with pickled onions for some very sophisticated French friends. They were eating with their fingers...which is saying something for the French. I couldn't get beef cheeks in time, but any beef stew meat works. It is a really easy recipe - you can even make it a day ahead. Serve it with homemade guacamole and salsa and your guests will be thrilled.
(sorry I cannot link on my iPad but this was a contest winner so you should find it)
tgrllyct December 14, 2011
You guys totally ROCK! Thanks so much for the suggestions - I'll read all comments carefully before making a decision! :)
Darlene C. December 14, 2011
My personal favorite: sautee Mexican chorizo with some dice onions and peppers (red and poblano). Finish the tacos with sliced radishes, chipotle crema , cilantro, and tomatillo salsa.
bigpan December 14, 2011
Try a turkey taco with mole sauce instead of salsa !
nutcakes December 14, 2011
You can't go wrong with Nogales Steak Tacos from "The Complete Meat" by Bruce Aidells. You can make them with NY steak, flank steak or even top sirloin. Don't use 'london broil' labeled meat, you want tender steak. You serve them in a corn tortilla heated with cheese and strip of roasted pepper (calls for roasting your own pasilla, but feel free to use canned whole Ortega chiles.) The condiment is lime pickled onions. These tacos are famous. They don't need salsa. Serve salsa and chips on the side.
duclosbe1 December 14, 2011
The genius recipe for Diana Kennedy's carnitas on this website makes outstanding (and definitely impressive) tacos. It's a little time consuming but requires minimal work!
Stephanie G. December 14, 2011
My husband and I are very picky about our fish tacos and the grilled swordfish tacos on epicurious are the BEST I have ever eaten at home or in a restaurant. We also like fruit salsa with them.
angiegeyser December 14, 2011
Pork carnitas with salsa verde... Here's my favorite recipe:


Very easy and delicious!
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 14, 2011
Short rib tacos are different and delicious. Try combining some of the elements of salsa with chimichurri - yum.

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RobertaJ December 14, 2011
Definitely fish tacos. Serve with a cabbage/cilantro slaw, dressed with garlic, olive oil and lime juice (S&P of course...). Add some thin sliced cucumber to the slaw for more taste & texture. No cheese on the tacos, use the slaw in place of lettuce, no red salsa. Make a white sauce of mayo thinned with some Mexican crema if you can find it, or sour cream and a little heavy cream. You want the sauce "dribble-able". Soft tacos here, get some good corn tortillas (or make your own, they're easy!) and use two small ones, semi-overlapping, to make each taco. Some sliced radishes are also good for a garnish. You can either batter and fry the fish (think fish sticks, but done well) or grill it.

Carnitas (pork cooked in it's own fat until it's fall-apart tender, then boil off the fat to crisp it up) if you have time, but that is an all-day project. SO worth it though, carnitas are the best. Carne asada (marinated flank or skirt steak, grilled) sliced thin with a classic red salsa fresca. The possibilities are endless !
KristinaN December 14, 2011
I wonder if some- but not too much as I find the flavor a bit intense- chopped sauteed fennel to pair with the roasted red peppers and lamb in the tacos would be a good match
KristinaN December 14, 2011
Perhaps for the tacos try some ground lamb cooked with onions and some cinnamon, herbs, salt and pepper and topped with roasted red peppers... obviously feel free to keep adding/amending but I am a big fan of ground lamb/peppers combo, and it's definitely a different take on tacos!
WileyP December 14, 2011
Do fish tacos. Easy to do and unless they are from California, not generaly available at your corner Taco Bell.
As for the salsa:
1/2 pound salad shrimp
2 Roma tomatoes
1 jalapeño, minced
1/2 red onion, minced
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
2 avocados, diced
(Actually, this is more of a ceviche, but does really well as a condoment or chip dip)
Good luck!
nutcakes December 14, 2011
Fish Taco's are great (unless you don't want to fry to order, I suppose they will hold for a bit in a low oven.) I fry them in a beer batter, using equal parts of flour and beef and a good pinch of salt. You can do shrimp ones this way too. The salsa sounds great. I like the idea if just scooping that with chips.
lighthousechef December 14, 2011
I usually marinate the fish briefly and grill up (not worrying if it breaks up a little) vs. frying with the breading. The fresh fish and crunch of the cabbage type topping, little lime zest cream and it will change taco night forever.
Adeline December 14, 2011
My mom made tacos with canned corn beef.
I don't recall the brand but I now use the brand Herford.
I get it from Costco but I think I've seen Herford at regular grocery stores.
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