I made a double batch off homemade Spagetti sauce with ground beef on Sunday, had for dinner 2 nights. Still okay to pack up and freeze it?

Tracie Thomas


dymnyno October 6, 2013
If the sauce has been refrigerated, it should be ok to freeze. Last week I made shortrib ragu (for 30) and left it on the stove overnight with the heat turned off, intending to continue the simmer the next day. the next morning I found that it had fermented! (and really tasted strange)
nancy E. October 6, 2013
Go ahead. It will be fine
ChefOno October 4, 2013

According to the USDA, the general rule for cooked leftovers is 3-4 days (assuming proper handling, refrigeration and packaging). If I'm counting correctly, you're on day 5.

Some people (I'm not saying who) would mitigate the danger by bringing the pot to a full boil, using an ice bath to cool it before transferring to the freezer. In theory, that would reset the bacterial clock.

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