Chocolate for coating pretzels

Some recipes just say to melt the chocolate. Others call for a small amount of shortening to be melted with it. I've never done this - does anyone have any thoughts one way or the other about the best way to go one this? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Tarragon
  • December 15, 2011


Droplet December 15, 2011
A good thing to keep in mind is to treat the chocolate gently, so it doesn't bloom and look dull and whitish once it cools on your pretzels. Melt it either over a water bath slowly or in the microwave on low, stirring gently a few times. If you can afford it, buy coverture chocolate, which is intended for the purpose of glazing and retains it's sheen.
The S. December 15, 2011
Shortening also makes it so you do not need to temper the chocolate I think.
Blissful B. December 15, 2011
Adding a little shortening makes the process easier, by thinning out the chocolate for a smoother dip. Just be sure & use shortening (not butter or margarine - because they contain water that will make the chocolate seize).
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