I just made these brownies and I'm puzzled because it has taken a lot longer in the oven than 25 minutes. The batter continues to be wet after 4...

...0 minutes. Should the tested come out clean as described in some other brownie recipes

  • Posted by: arlenev
  • December 16, 2011
Fruitcake-Inspired Brownies
Recipe question for: Fruitcake-Inspired Brownies


JessicaBakes December 16, 2011
P.S. I really hope you like them! So flattered to have other people making this
JessicaBakes December 16, 2011
Perhaps this belongs in the notes of the recipe. I am ANTI-cakey brownies. like, seriously want to eradicate them from the world. I like fudgey, fudgey brownies. Sometimes these puppies can take 30-35 minutes depending on baking dish or oven, but if the top looks smooth and a little cracked, they're done (in my book). I never let my tester come out clean...but it also shouldn't be dripping with batter.
arlenev December 16, 2011
Thanks, Jessica. I ended up baking them for 50 minutes. I've had too many experiences of batter being raw in the middle. (My oven temp is correct.) I too don't favor cakey brownies. I tasted the edge and it is cakey, but delicious. At the potluck tonight, I'll see how the middle came out. Next time, I will not bake it so long. Thanks for you response! Arlene
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