Hoping to find a gluten free AND egg free latke recipe. Any suggestions? Last year's attempts turned into really oily hash browns. :(

  • Posted by: GFMom
  • December 17, 2011


ATG117 March 4, 2013
I never include flour in latkes; My grandmother never did. I do use eggs, however. still think you can probably omit them without replacing them. The taste will be more like hashbrowns, but fried potato patties are never a bad thing.
Joree March 4, 2013
My daughter is allergic to eggs and I am gluten free! We always follow usual directions, and use rice flour and simply omit the eggs. It makes flatter latkes, but they crisp up and taste great. They are just a bit more delicate. You can use any recipe.
Panfusine December 17, 2011
Susan g.. nope I did not squeeze out any moisture (maybe I should have) Immediately mixed them with the chickpea flour and spices , the water gets soaked up by the chickpea flour . and fried them immediately else the potato tends to turn dark.
Panfusine December 17, 2011
I had posted this on my Facebook food page way before I got my blog in order.. Chick pea flour is gluten free. hope it helps..
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Panfusine December 17, 2011
Feel free to omit the asafetida & substitute seasonings with black pepper if you're not a chili powder fan
susan G. December 17, 2011
Panfusine, questions! You didn't squeeze the vegetables. Do they give off liquid so that the chick pea flour is absorbed? How long did you let the ingredients sit after you mixed them? I love your solution. Even with traditional latkes, which I make with egg, I don't like using a grain thickener (like matzo meal, from wheat), and now we're dealing with gluten free anyway, so this is wonderful. With the raita, it looks wonderful!
GFMom December 17, 2011
Thanks so much for your help! I actually DO need dairy free as well. :) I usually sub organic rice milk for everything. My kids aren't big soy fans. Can't wait to try your suggestion! Thank you again!
lorigoldsby December 17, 2011
Oops! Just reread...I was thinking you wanted dairy free...not egg free...just skip the egg, use the mashed potatoes as the binder
lorigoldsby December 17, 2011
Mix your shredded potatoes with leftover mashed potatoes that you made with soy or almond milk....dust with some rice flour. Make sure your shredded potatoes have been patted dry, and the mashed potatoes are a little on the dry side as well...that is key to getting a crispy latke. (also a hot pan, hot oil)
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